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1/26/2019 - MN Tailgate is proud to announce a new website with online shopping for cornhole bags and accessories!


5/16/2019 - Standard Bags filled with corn are always in stock. No board sets are currently in stock.

Queue Status

5/16/2019 - Approximate turnaround time based on order queue:

  • Custom or ACL Bags: ~3-5 Days
  • Bare Wood Set: ~1 week
  • Custom Set: ~4-6 weeks depending on customization

About Us


Customer Satisfaction

MN Tailgate is a small operation consisting of two people. My wife helps out with marketing and mock-ups when she has time. Otherwise I build/customize/finish boards and make the bags myself! We both work fulltime jobs and have a family so we make these on the side. I treat this as a second job and put in as much time as I can to get orders out the door as soon as capable. Customer satisfaction is our main priority.


The Origins

My name is Mike Stumm and I made my first cornhole set in 2009. I made few sets here and there for friends or family members. In February 2012, I donated a set to a silent auction fundraiser for my buddy who was diagnosed with cancer. The response was overwhelming. Stumm’s Cornhole was born and things quickly took off from word of mouth and online advertising.


Quality Contruction and Materials

I converted a portion of my garage into a sectioned workshop - one area for woodworking and another area for customizing and finishing. I constantly improved my design and quality through a few iterations. I proudly offer what I believe to be the best design for hand crafted cornhole sets. MN Tailgate was founded in late 2013 but officially launched in August 2014. At the year end of 2018, MN Tailgate has made over 12,000 cornhole bags and 685 cornhole board sets!

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